Hotel exterior signage – Your brand… highlighted!

Your reception area needs signage, and it has to be crystal clear. After all, this is where you’ll probably gather if there’s a fire alarm. Your lifts and stairs, breakfast room, fire escapes, bathrooms, bars and more all need wayfinder signage for safety and convenience. When you have enough of the right kind of directional signs or even actual waystations, nobody gets lost and every guest has an enjoyable time. Walk this way for superb custom hotel signs!

Don’t know what type of hotel signs you need? Just ask

Quality hotel signage design has a direct impact, but one that people don’t often consciously recognise. Sometimes signage is wholly practical, for example the signs telling you where the hotel bar bathrooms are. When they do a good job, you don’t notice them. But if the signs aren’t there, are placed somewhere illogical, or are not clear, your guests won’t feel quite as good about their experience with you. In a competitive world, every little helps.

Make a direct positive impact on your guests

Good signage impacts how guests feel about you and your hotel. It affects the way they connect with the entire experience and their enjoyment of it. The simpler you make it for people to find essential facilities like your shop, spa, gym, beer garden, pool or cocktail bar without having to ask, the better. And don’t forget health and safety – as an hotel owner you are legally obliged to provide a suite of different safety and related signs for your customers.