Woolwich High Street Regeneration

Revitalising Woolwich with Stunning Signage Solutions

We take immense pride in presenting our exceptional project undertaken in partnership with Cuttle Construction, commissioned by the Royal Borough of Greenwich for the Woolwich High Street Regeneration initiative. This extensive endeavour encompassed the enhancement of seven prominent properties, with a standout feature being the impressive signage for Woolwich First Choice Cafe. Stretching over 45 meters in length and standing at a meter in height, this monumental signage piece truly anchors the high street. Crafted from meticulously formed alluminum composite panels, it boasts built-up open trough lettering that exudes sophistication. What truly sets it apart is the striking faux LED neon illumination, casting a mesmerising glow. This project exemplifies our commitment to urban revitalisation and the seamless fusion of artistry and functionality, making Woolwich High Street a vibrant and inviting destination.

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